RJM manifesto all-out against federalism

Kathmandu, March 7:

The Rastriya Jana Morcha (RJM) led by Chitra Bahadur KC made its election manifesto public today.

In its manifesto, the RJP stated that it is against the federal system.

Claiming that many countries disintegrated because they adopted federalism, the manifesto states: “Federal structure is not suitable for a small and backward country like Nepal.”

The manifesto advocates democratic decentralisation to protect the rights of the backward and suppressed classes.

The manifesto takes the federal system of governance as “a rejected idea”, pointing that only two dozens countries out of a total of 200 countries have adopted federalism. The document states that the country might be disintegrated if states are formed on ethnic grounds. The party, however, advocates ending discrimination.

“Princely states, which were in existence before the unification of Nepal, may emerge if autonomy is given to different regions with the right to self-determination,” it claimed. The manifesto says that India will use its influence or impose blockades against such states to bring them into its fold.

It calls for an end to exploitation and discrimination against labourers, farmers and women, adding that regressive laws should be scrapped.