RM helps families who lost their members in landslides

Bhojpur, July 20

Bhojpur’s Ram Prasad Rai Rural Municipality extended financial assistance to families who had lost their members in incidents of landslides, today.

A mother and her two sons in Manebhanjyang of the rural municipality had lost their lives in the landslides that occurred on July 13.

The rural municipality office offered Rs 95,000 to the families of the deceased as relief amount in line with its policy and programmes.

The grieving families were offered cash amount along with food materials and tents.

Rural municipality Chairman Bijaya Rai said Rai, including her sons were killed in the disaster.

He said a landslide had swept their house away while Rai was roasting corn when the incident occurred.

He informed that five persons had lost their lives in separate landslides following incessant rainfall some days ago.

Bhojpur Chief District Officer Nur Hari Khatiwada said 100 families were displaced due to floods in Bhojpur. He added that displaced families were awaiting relief. “Landslide victims have received nothing substantial in relief, except some tents,” he said. Khatiwada added that victims were sheltering either under tents or in the houses of their relatives.

As many as 14 families in Temkemaiyum of Bhojpur Municipality, two in Pauwadumma, 44 in Aamchowk, nine in Ram Prasad Rai, one in Arun, three in Hatuwagadhi and three in Salpasilichho rural municipalities were displaced.

Similarly, 16 houses were damaged completely while 50 more suffered partial damage in monsoon related disaster incidents in different parts of the district.