Road accidents up in Biratnagar

Biratnagar, July 30

The 3-km stretch of road from Mahendrachowk to Bargachhichowk of Biratnagar Metropolitan City in Morang is regarded as one of the busiest streets in the metropolis.

It normally takes 10 to 12 minutes for commuters to pass through the road. However, the public now have to spend more than half-an-hour to walk through the street due to rain-fed ditches along the road.

Inspector Madan Giri at District Traffic Police Office, Morang said his office had been facing difficulty in managing traffic movement in the area as the road is too narrow.

He added that the area was prone to traffic accidents. The death rate is increasing every year due to poor maintenance.

According to data at District Traffic Police Office, Morang, a total of 104 people lost their lives in the last fiscal and there were 99 road fatalities in the fiscal 2015-16. Data also show that the number of people who died in road accident in the fiscal 2014-15 and 2013-14 were 102 and 84 respectively.