Road accidents up in Jhapa


Jhapa has recorded as many as 97 road accidents in the past one month.

Seventeen people were killed, 45 critically injured while 78 sustained minor injuries, according to Jhapa District Police Office.

“In the light of escalating road accidents, traffic police have launched a campaign to reduce accidents,” said Inspector Prakash Jabegu. Traffic police have started scientific methodology in a bid to minimise road accidents.

Traffic police have launched an awareness programme targeting vehicle owners, drivers and drivers’ helpers. They have also expedited checking on the street of late.

Thick fog, driving under the influence, poor visibility at night, among others, are responsible for road accidents, said traffic Sub-Inspector Shiv Kumar Sharma.

Traffic police have been advising not to drive vehicles without route permit, to keep documents updated, not to drive under the influence and not to carry passengers beyond capacity.