Road project remains in limbo for the last 19 years

Kavre, November 3

The Khopasi-Taldhunga road construction project that was initiated about two decades ago is yet to be completed.

The 64-km road project had entered into construction phase in 1997 under the Rural Infrastructure Development Programme with assistance from Asian Development Bank.

Construction of the first 22-km stretch took ten years to complete, and the remaining 42 km stretch hasn’t been completed in all these years, apparently due to the contractors’ negligence. The Rural Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Project has taken charge of the construction of the remaining 42-km stretch and entrusted various contractors with the work.

Regarding the inordinate delay, Local Development Officer Tekraj Niraula pledged to conduct an investigation. “The road was supposed to be completed in six years. We are preparing to launch a probe into the matter,” he said.

Meanwhile, the delay in road construction has hit residents of emote Taldhunga and Gokule VDCs hard. The delay has also affected residents of Chyamrangbesi, Salmechakal, Dandagaun, Phalametar, Milche, Saldhara, Ghartichhap, Phoksingtar, and Banakhu VDCs.

“We have to make a long detour even to reach our district headquarters,” said a local, adding, “As there is no road, we are forced to travel through Makawanpur, Chitwan, Dhading, Kathmandu, and Bhaktapur to reach the district headquarters.”