Roads connecting Dhading's rural areas in sorry state

Dhading, July 8

With the onset of monsoon, rural roads in Dhading have developed cracks and potholes, giving a hard time to motorists and the locals.

Transport entrepreneurs complained that lack of repair and upgradation of dilapidated roads had disrupted vehicular movement.

A few days ago, Indian envoy to Nepal Ranjit Rae got stuck midway while he was heading for Chapbhanjyang of Jyamrung VDC from Dhading headquarters Dhadingbeshi.

As the vehicle got stuck in the muddy road, Rae later managed to reach the destination by a truck. He was accompanied by lawmakers from the district and other high officials.

Two roads linking the VDCs in the northern part of the district have developed cracks and potholes with the beginning of monsoon.

Former vice-chairman of Dhading Transport Entrepreneurs’ Association Krishna Prasad Lamsal said many rural roads of the district needed to be repaired.

The government allocates millions of rupees every year for the repair of rural roads. But, the condition of the roads remains the same. Locals attributed the sorry condition of the roads to use of sub-standard materials while constructing them.

Dol Bahadur Adhikary of Marpak VDC said vehicular movement came to a complete halt in the area every year during monsoon due sorry condition of the roads.

“Although millions of rupees are being spent on the repair of these roads, their condition remains the same,” said Dhading Chairman of Consumers’ Welfare Protection Forum Bed Bahadur Khand.

It takes four hours for a vehicle to cross the 24 km Dhadingbeshi-Salyantar road section. “It takes just two hours to cross the road in winter, said Padam Bahadur Shrestha of Salyantar.

Transport Worker Krishna Bahadur Regmi said the concerned authorities had not been paying attention towards repair of roads in the far flung areas.

Commuters said travel to and from the district headquarters and villages had become perilous owing to poor road condition. Technicians at the DDC, however, said the rural roads were in a sorry condition due to lack of repair.