Round-the-clock safety for wild buffaloes

Chitwan, March 29

Authorities at Chitwan National Park have managed 24 hours’ security for wild buffaloes kept in an enclosure in the sanctuary.

According to conservation officer Ramchandra Kandel, a team of five Nepali Army soldiers keep guard of the enclosure day and night. Besides, two staff members also guard the recently transferred species.

In view of the impending transfer of the new species, the national park authorities had built the enclosure in 30 hectare land that also features grassland. The six-foot high structure comprises a wire fence and PPC pipes to save the wild buffaloes from possible attacks by other animals.

While the enclosure features a 400/15-metre pond, rest of the area is grassland.

Authorities at the CNP had brought in 15 wild buffaloes, including three males from the zoo in Kathmandu and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. “Though the groups were brought from different places, they seem to be getting along well,” said Kandel.

He added that enough water had been managed for the wild animals inside the enclosure. “A pond has been dug inside the enclosure, which is fed by streams that flow down from the Chure hill,” he said, adding, “As for fodder, there is enough grass to graze.”

Kandel also informed about the CNP’s plan to release the wild buffaloes outside the enclosure after two years. “As they are from different herds, their calves will be better and healthier and this will further promote diversity in their species,” he said.