Royal cash transfer to UK bank revealed

Kathmandu, August 28:

The government has nationalised some 34,825 ropanis of forestland in the hilly regions, 46 bighas in the Tarai and all the inherited palaces registered in the name of late King Birendra and his family.

Further investigation is being carried out to find out the exact property of late King Birendra and his family, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prithivi Subba Gurung conceded at an interaction at Reporters’ Club today.

“Forty thousand pounds (out of 1.37 lakh pounds deposited in the name of late queen Aishwarya, late king Deependra and late prince Nirajan) are still there at the Nepal Standard Chartered Bank,” Gurung said.

The remaining amount was transferred to a United Kingdom bank.

Minister Gurung said all properties belonging to late King Birendra and his family would come under a trust.

Regarding the Narayanhiti Palace, it has been registered in the name of the government. Minister Gurung suggested that the Narayanhiti Palace be converted into a Presidential Palace in case the king is removed after the constituent assembly polls.

He, however, expressed concern about the activities of the Maoists in trying to obstruct the polls. “The Maoists want to obstruct the constituent assembly elections on one pretext or the other,” he said.

Maoist leader C P Gajurel, however, assured the gathering that his party would not in any way boycott the November 22 elections.

“We will face the polls with confidence,” he added. He said his party’s only concern was that the elections had to be meaningful.