Rukum women build irrigation canal

RUKUM: Women of Mushikot municipality have been donating their labour to construct an irrigation canal at the municipality to irrigate 250 ropani land.

The women have set an example in the district that they can achieve things if they get the opportunity.

A group of women involved in ‘Manakamana Farmer Women Group’ were able to irrigate land for 90 households at Thapachaur, Dalakhet and Kot VDCs of the district.

Chairperson Kabita Sah of the women’s group said that as many as 22 women from the group were deployed for construction of the 60-metre irrigation canal. “They have been involved in carrying sand, boulders, pebbles among other construction materials,” she added.

The women’s group said that district Agriculture Development Office, Rukum, has offered Rs 125,000 under the food and nutrition project. “The amount is being spent to buy construction materials and pay wages of other workers,” they added.

The group said male workers have been taking wages on a daily basis. “We have been donating our labour for construction of the canal,” said secretary, Bhima Kunwar. She said that they paid wages to expert male workers.

Meanwhile, chief Sahadev Prasad Humagain of District Agriculture Development Office said that the work had been completed as per the estimated time and money due to the activeness of women. He said that the food and nutrition project had offered the amount for the group irrigation project.