Ruling coalition deluding Madhesis, says Thapa

  • Accuses NC-CPN-MC coalition of making Madhesi forces puppets

Rajbiraj/Itahari, August 31

Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Chairperson Kamal Thapa accused the incumbent government of spreading rumours about constitutional amendment to delude the Madhesi people.

Speaking at a press meet organised by the party in Rajbiraj today,  Thapa argued that the government was floating rumours of constitution amendment not to settle the issue but to spread illusion among people.

“There is no point in linking the PM’s India visit and constitution amendment,” he argued.

Thapa also charged the Nepali Congress-CPN Maoist Centre coalition of making the Madhesi forces puppets in toppling and forming the government. Though Nepali citizens were expecting to witness peace, stability and development with the institutionalisation of democracy in the country after promulgation of the constitution, they are now fed up of the present crisis the country is facing.

“Constitution implementation also has been jeopardised due to frequent change of government. The government should fix the date of the local polls at the earliest,” he argued.

He also demanded that monarchy and Hinduism be revived in the country through constitution amendment.

Meanwhile, speaking to journalists in Itahari, Sunsari,  Thapa warned that the country would face unexpected misfortune, besides constitutional complexities, if the government failed to hold elections of local bodies by mid-April next year.

He accused the government of not being serious about holding polls though  the outgoing government had announced it would be held before  mid-December.

“As the present government is mum about the polls date fixed by the previous government and it also hasn’t come up with any other dates, it is doubtful the government will be able to hold polls. Polla are a must to relieve the country from constitutional complexities and it should be held at the earliest,” he claimed.

He  claimed that the erstwhile KP Sharma Oli-led government had been  committed to settle the issue of Madhesi forces, but the efforts went  in vain due to non-cooperation of the Nepali Congress and CPN-MC. “Also,  there has no exercise to forge consensus among the parties and this  could give rise to political crisis in the country,” he argued.