Ruling NCP will not split at any cost: Home Minister Thapa

CHITWAN: Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa, on Monday, said the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) will not split; it will rather grow stronger amid the ongoing intraparty struggle.

Addressing a press conference organised by the Press Organisation Chitwan at Bharatpur Airport, Thapa expressed his view that differences within the party would further strengthen the government and the ruling party.

Furthermore, the Home Minister expressed his belief that the ruling party's ongoing standing committee meeting would find a solution and that the party will not split. Minister Thapa, who is also an NCP secretariat member, said disputes and struggles within a party are natural.

In a different context, he said the present activities of monarchists were all anti-government and the demonstration being held is a mirage. He also opined that these forces are acting against the promulgated constitution at a time when the country has been facing the COVID-19 crisis. He alleged that such forces were presently active in contaminating the political environment.

Minister Thapa said, "The monarchists and some other forces are surfacing to create a chaotic situation in order to demolish the present form of government, and that will not happen." He argued that people will not let that happen.

He said the monarchists are anti-republican, and so is the Communist Party of Nepal led by Netra Bikram Chand (Biplav), who believe they are carrying out a so-called 'social revolution'.