Russian climber dies on Mt Lhotse as summit bids underway on different peaks

KATHMANDU: A Russian climber died of altitude sickness on Mt Lhotse yesterday, according a government official.

Gyanendra Shrestha, liaison officer at the Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, confirmed that Rustem Amirov breathed his last at Camp II of the world’s fourth highest peak.

A facebook post by his family read, “Clever and strong as he was, he turned around just 100 metres from the summit due to bad weather. The bad weather slowed his descend. At some point above camp 3, he suffered from acute mountain sickness. High altitude porters were sent to rescue him, and help him down to camp 2. Unfortunately it was too late. He was unconscious when he passed away and didn’t suffer any pain, if that is of any consolation.”

According to Shrestha, Rustem reached the higher camps without climbing Sherpas and oxygen support.

Meanwhile, the world climbers have continued their climbing bids on different mountains today. “At least 65 climbers including 30 foreigners scaled Mt Everest today,” Shrestha shared.

Climbing The Seven Summits team posted that all CTSS members scaled the world’s highest mountain this morning. The team was guided by Michael Hamil of CTTS and Tendi Sherpa of TAG Nepal.

A few climbers also scaled Mt Lhotse, the world’s fourth highest mountain, according to the expedition organisers. Oxana Morneva has become the first Russian woman to climb Mt Lhotse, a base camp official said. Anders Erik Karl Bergvall from Sweden along with Vinayak Jay Malla climbed Mt Lhotse this morning, Guragai reported.

Meanwhile, Spanish climber Carlos Soria Fontán (79) has reportedly abandoned his bid on Mt Dhaulagiri due to high winds.