Sachit rejects truce idea

Kathmandu, October 7:

Since the government never announced war against anybody, the question of it announcing a ceasefire is irrelevant, former army chief and member of the Rajparishad Standing Committee Sachit SJB Rana today said.

“If the Maoists are really interested in finding a solution, peace and stability, they must first lay down their arms before coming for talks with the government,” Rana said at an interaction organised by Nepal Buddhijivi Samparka Abam Bichar Manch.

“If they (the Maoists) want the terrorist tag and red corner notice to be removed, they must lay down their arms and give up violence,” he added. Labelling the demand of a republican set-up as “subtle” and an issue to be raised by “anti-national” elements, Rana accused the political parties for failing to abide by the constitutional rights. He blamed the parties for being an obstacle to the smooth functioning of the constitution.

Even if a republican set-up is established, the leaders will start fighting for the post of the president, he said. “Issue of republican is simply subtle, the inner attitude is something different,” he said without elaborating. Central committee member of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Bhuwan Pathak accused the seven-party alliance for seeking foreign help after they failed to convince more people to the street. Ruling out relevance of constituent assembly, Pathak also criticised the leaders for trying to grap more powers by isolating the King.

Democracy on paper: Rajsabha panel chief

Kathmandu: Parashu Narayan Chaudhari, the chairman of the Rajsabha Standing Committee, on Friday said that democracy in Nepal is limited to words. Addressing a felicitation programme organised by Paribartan Nepal, Chaudhari said everyone has to think seriously how democratic rights can be provided to the people and how democracy can be implemented. — HNS

Maoists not to be trusted: Minister


Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Durga Shrestha, on Friday said the Maoists could not be trusted because they have been violating their own ceasefire call by continuing to assault peoplehe ceasefire. Shrestha said so while talking to journalists after reaching her home in Tanahun district. “How do we trust them when they are still spreading terror even after declaring a ceasefire?” she questioned. “The Maoists should first come to the mainstream after surrendering arms,” she said. When journalists asked if there was a possibility of the government declaring a ceasefire, she replied: “The government never waged a war.” — HNS