Samajwadi Party says PM's untimely decision unfortunate

KATHMANDU: In line with other parties that have condemned the cabinet decision to issue an ordinance allowing provision to ease splitting of political parties, Samajwadi Party has stated that the step towards instability at times like these is unfortunate.

Inviting political instability when a united front was the need is unfortunate: Samajwadi Party

Samajwadi Party Nepal has deemed the Prime Minister's move as backed with ulterior intentions as there was no such immediate need to issue the ordinance during such a crisis.

Chair of the party's federal council Former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that Oli government has committed a grave crime against democracy. "Now is the time to stand united and fight against the epidemic. However, the government has proven that it has hit rock-bottom and shows no signs of straightening up after this ordinance issuance," said Bhattarai. "The country is headed towards further danger."

Party Chairperson Upendra Yadav stated that this step would lead the country toward grave political instability yet again.  "Democracy faces a threat with this action."

Likewise, party joint chair Rajendra Prasad Shrestha said, "This is a dark point in history. To engage in activities that lead to planting of divisiveness at times when unity should've been the norm is unforgivable."

"The Prime Minister acting as if he is the sovereign and exhibiting hunger for power is unfortunate for the nation."