Sample collection for filariasis begins


Sample collection for filariasis has started in Dhankuta.

Dhankuta Public Health Office said it had administered medicine against filariasis eight times last year.

Dhankuta DPHO had administered the medicine against filariasis for up to six times to all people living in the district. “Since symptoms of filariasis have been seen again in some parts of the district, we are collecting samples to administer the medicine for the ninth time,” said DPHO Chief Tulasi Prasad Guragain.

Samples were collected at Sangurigadhi and Mahalaxmi rural municipalities and anti-filariasis medicine was administered to bring down the disease last year.

“We are working to administer anti-filariasis medicine in some parts of the district from next month,” said Guragain.

He said the medicine would be administered to children below five years of age, pregnant women, and people with chronic illness.