Sange motorable bridge construction in limbo

TANAHUN: Construction of a motorable bridge at Sange Char Hajar dam in Sange river in Tanahun has not gained momentum since the past one and a half year.

According to Shree Bhadra Acharya former coordinator of the Ward Citizen’s Forum construction works came to a halt in 2016.

“Despite pressure from the stakeholders, the works have not resumed yet,” Acharya said.

The contracting company halted the work slated to finish in 18 months citing lack of workers. Moreover, the villagers are furious over the delay in construction of a 40-metre-long bridge.

We will mount pressure on the local levels and provincial government to complete the construction, locals said.

On contrary,  authorities at Road Division Office in Tanahun said the works will soon resume.

“Although the works have come to a halt, it will soon resume and we are holding talks with the contractor on resuming works after Tihar festivals,” Engineer Karna KC at Road Division Office said, “The delay was caused by procurement hassles as the material from construction is imported from India.”

Moreover, KC said that 75 per cent of the construction works have concluded.

The contracting company Hira and Namita Construction had bagged the contract to construct a motorable bridge at Rs 40.6 million.

Likewise, Chief of the District coordination Committee, Tanahun, Shanti Raman Wagle said that the committee has directed Road Division Chief to expedite the construction.

Meanwhile, the proprietor of the construction company, Nandalal Shrestha did not respond to THT’s call immediately.