Sanitation workers launch protest

ITAHARI: The town of Itahari in Sunsari district is stinking, thanks to the agitating sanitation squad, who has not collected garbage for three days putting forth a number of demands.

Accusing Itahari Municipality and the government authorities of not paying heed to their demands, 19 sanitation workers have been on a stir for a week now. They have been staging a sit-in protest at the main gate of the municipality office demanding appointment letter and permanent appointment for those to have served in office for 240 days.

Phanindra Bhattarai, leader of the group, said the three rounds of talks held between the staffers and the municipal authorities had ended inconclusive on the latter's denial to grant the workers permanent appointment. The last round of talks was held this morning. He warned of tougher protest if their demands were not met.

Their nine-point demands include ending the contract system in the sanitation work, providing them miscellaneous allowances at par with the municipal employees and managing education and medicine for their kids.

Acting officer of Itahari Municipality Ganesh Prasad Dahal said other demands of the agitating workers could be fulfiled except the permanency of job. He clarified that all he could do was write to the concerned ministry about the demand.