Sankhuwasabha health-care facility sealed following death of patient with COVID-19 like symptoms

BHOJPUR: A healthcare facility in Chainpur Municipality has been completely sealed off after the death of an admitted patient, who exhibited Covid-19 like symptoms, on Monday.

The deceased hailed from Jhapa and was currently residing in Chainpur Municipality-2. He breathed his last in the course of treatment at the primary health center.

Following suspicions of coronavirus transmission in the patient, all operations at the health center has been brought to a halt to curb potential spread, informed the Hospital facility.

According to Medical Officer at the hospital, Dr Binod Bekoju, symptoms similar to that of coronavirus infection had been observed in the deceased. The swab samples of the deceased has been sent to the Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences for PCR testing, he added.

It has been learnt that the patient, who had been ill since a week, was admitted in the Hospital, this morning.

The dead body of the 35-year-old patient will be kept at the same Hospital, until confirmation of PCR test results.

Press release from the Heath centre.
Press release from the Heath centre.