SANKHUWASABHA: The authorities' lackadaisical approach in purchasing land for their rehabilitation has been dampening the landslide victims' hope to immediately leave the temporary camps where they have been leading a miserable life. The victims of the Tamku-9 of the district, who have been living in the makeshift tents for over four months now, bemoaned the government's indifference towards their plight.

Although the Natural Disaster Rescue Committee in the district had decided to purchase 65 ropanis of land in Majhgaon area for the resettlement of the victims, they have not been able to purchase the land as they could not agree on the price. While the committee offered Rs, 5,000 per ropani, the land owners chose not to sell the land against the price. They demanded rather high price.

According to Chief District Officer Tulasi Prasad Gautam, some "technical problems" have been delaying the rehabilitation of the victims. He said that efforts were on to by the land from other owners in the Majgaun area.

A team led by Mohanmani Ghimire, section officer at District Administration Office, had recommended Majgaon area for the resettlement of the victims. Subsequently, the committee had given responsibility of purchasing the land to the VDC office.

Baburam Khatri, member of Landslide Monitoring Committee, said that they would intensify negotiation with other landowners for the purpose.

Condition of children and elderly has been worsening in the temporary shelters due to cold and lack of potable water.

Altogether 42 families of Tamku VDC-9, Sikding, and 20 others of Khudawa village were displaced in the landslide that occurred in July. Over a dozen persons had lost their lives in the disaster.