Saptari flood victims left in a lurch

Rajbiraj, July 27

Life has been adversely affected after the flooded Khado River gushed into a settlement at Rampura Malhaniya – 6 in Saptari.

As all the water pipes have been washed away in the flood and every belonging of the victims are soaked, people are terrified of a possible epidemic in the settlement. According to Jogindra Khang, all the tube wells meant for drinking water have been swept away.

Another victim Fulodevi Khang said flood water had gushed into her house. Her four-year-old son fell sick but she has not been able to go for treatment due to inundation all around.

As many as 1,200 family members of 211 households live in the settlement. Almost all the children of the locality have fallen ill and there is no possibility of taking them for treatment. They have not received any support so far either.

“Even worse is the condition of pregnant women. As their delivery date is fast approaching, they do not know what to do,” said Krish Yadav, a Rampura Malahaniya youth.

The flooded Koshi, Khado, Mahuli, Chapin, Sundari, Khadak, Bhaluwahi, Amaha and other rivers have gushed into the settlements of three municipalities and around three dozen VDCs of the district. Many of those villages have been inundated.

Meanwhile, former minister and Saptari Constituency 3 lawmaker Umesh Yadav took stock of the flooded area of Rampura Malahaniya - 6 today. He urged the District Public Health Office Saptari to deploy health workers to those areas to prevent pandemic.  Yadav has urged District Public Health Office Chief Bijaya Jha to deploy health workers as many children and elderly people are suffering from fever, cough and vomiting, among other problems.