Sarlahi inmates on warpath

SARLAHI: Inmates of Sarlahi District Prison demonstrated in the prison by burning lantern in the daylight today to protest the dictatorship of one inmate and misbehaviour by security personnel.

They also chanted slogans after padlocking the main gate from inside. The prisoners claimed that they were compelled to protest as one Bhayanarayan Raut, an inmate, who is in the jail on murder charge, along with other security personnel, troubled them unnecessarily.

The inmates also said that the security men misbehaved with the visitors and often found asking money with their kin in order to arrange time to see the jailed relatives. Demanding that the prison chief Raj Kumar Shah should be transferred elsewhere, the inmates said that they would otherwise not allow the security personnel to enter the prison.

However, the jail administration informed that the inmates made such accusation after the security officer Parasnath Chaudhari took action against some of the inmates who had violated the prison's rule and regulation.

Sick inmates Bhagyanarayan Raut, Sanu Raut, Mangal Lama and Dinesh Saraf could not be treated as the inmates have padlocked the entrance gate of the prison, the jail administration informed. According to health staffer Abiram Jha, condition of Thapa is critical. CDO Balaramprasad Singh informed that they were attempting to solve the problem at the earliest.