School in a shambles, faces closure

Chandranigahpur, June 20:

Chamanpur primary school in Sakhuwa Dhamaura VDC of Rautahat district is in a shambles, placing itself on the verge of closure.

Last year, tornadoes damaged the school. This year, incessant rain is creating havoc, but repairs have not been carried out.

Until some time back, the students were attending classes on the roof of the school, but ever since the monsoon broke, holding classes in the three-roomed school has not been possible.

Locals said they tried several times to raise funds to repair the building but to no avail.

School headmaster Satya Narayan Patel said teachers and students endured scorching heat and the classes continued during the summer but the incessant rain had made it impossible for them to sit in the open.

School management committee chairman Sheikh Ashraf Ali said the committee had informed the district education office several times about the school’s dilapidated condition but to no avail.

District education officer Rambriksha Sah said several other schools in the district were facing the same problem but there was no budget to deal with it.