School running sans prior approval in Bajura

BAJURA: Operating nationwide with the motto 'Education for All', Samata School has been found running one of its divisions without legal permission, in Bajura district.

According to Mayor of Badimalika Municipality, Padam Badhuwal, the school had not complied with formal procedures required to run an educational institution as per local level educational regulations.

When the school came into operation in Martadi, the municipality took the issue to executive level following which it was decided that the school would not be permitted to run. Despite an official notice from the municipality to close its operations, the school reportedly has not complied with the order and has been running even after three days have passed since the issuance of the said notice.

Around 200 students have been affected by the situation. Parents of the students say they had no idea the school was operating without approval. One of the parents, Gagan Ayadi expressed agitation towards the school for messing with the children’s future.

The principal of Bajura division Anita Shah, however, stated that she too was unaware about the issue, as all such formalities had been taken up by staff at the centre.

According to Bibiraj Soti, Superintendent of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, Bajura, running the school without taking prior approval was illegal and as the institution had not presented necessary documents last December to acquire the permit, the school has been asked to return the admission fees of newly admitted students.

No additional schools would be permitted hence to run in Badimalika Municipality as 25 public schools and three private were adequate to address the educational need of 17,202 people residing in the municipality, stated Mayor Badhuwal.