School sans registration for 4 yrs

POKHARA: Guardians of students studying at Pinnacle Academy in Sitaladevi of Pokhara-12 have urged concerned government agencies to take necessary action against the promoters after it was revealed that the school was being operated for the last four years without registering with the concerned government offices.

The parents knocked the doors of District Education Office (DEO) and District Police Office after knowing that the school had no official registration. The parents came to know about the fact following a dispute between the shareholders and officials of the school management committee.

They have urged the local administration and the police to take action against the culprits and continue regular education in the school.

About 250 students are studying in the school from Nursery to Grade VIII.

The guardians said the directors of school — Kamal GT, Khem Rana, Kamal Prasad CK and Kamal Kumari Sunaral — had collected about Rs 1.5 million by illegally selling shares of the school.

Following the guardians’ pressure, the District Police Office, Kaski, detained GT and principal Tulsiram Upreti for investigation.

According to district education officer Baikuntha Aryal, the school was registered at Lalitpur sub-metropolitan city. “The school has not been authorised to run classes above Grade I, as it has failed to meet required criteria,” Aryal said. He also said the school had shifted to Sitaladevi from Archalebot without seeking permission from the DEO.

“We can’t register the school, as there is a dispute between the management committee, shareholders and guardians,” Aryal maintained.

Krishna Kumari Pariyar, a guardian, said the school management and the shareholders had no right to play with the future of more than 200 students. “The culprits should be brought to book,” she added.