School with glorious past in dilapidated condition

MOHATTARI: The buildings have crumbled; creepers have covered the entire walls from all directions; a nasty smell is permeated from the garbage strewn everywhere. In a nutshell, it just resembles a cave.

Such is the situation of Tribhuvan Higher Secondary School at Gaushala in Mahottari district, which is now on the verge of collapse due to negligence of the school management and other stakeholders.

Established 65 years ago, the “once reputed” school produced many well-known personalities who have been contributing to the country from their respective fields. However, it is difficult to believe the present condition of the school with such glorious past.

The school’s ex-students, who are now holding prestigious positions in the society, regret over the dilapidated condition. Devraj Dahal, who is Nepal chief of Fredrick Ebert Stiffing, a German organization, said that the school’s present condition confused him whether he had studied there. “The school is very rich as it has own buildings with 26 rooms and three bighas of land. But, it’s surprising how things are getting worse day by day,” said engineer Devendra Dahal, an ex-student of the school. According to him, local youths are stealing the wooden windows and bricks from the school everyday.

Guardians said that the negligence and indifference of the school administration, management committee, District Education Office, local bodies and other concerned stakeholders were deteriorating the case. “How can one turn a blind eye when such things are happening recurrently?” questioned one.

“The guardians’ concerns are genuine; but, they do not take any initiative to take action against those who are stealing school properties,” said Ram Chandra Mahato, principal.

Local residents also complained that the school buildings have become a safe haven for drug addicts in the evening and morning. “The school’s prestigious history has become a story now,” a local resident said, suggesting that new building should be constructed, the school compound should be fenced with barbed wires and process should be initiated to search the lost school properties. Over 1,500 students are studying up till class 10 while the number of those studying in higher secondary level is 200.