Schools closed day after they opened


Some schools that resumed classes yesterday after a long time due to coronavirus pandemic were closed today in Shambhunath Municipality, Saptari.

Shambhunath Municipality has 24 community schools. Schools were closed in March due to the pandemic. Despite the COVID risk, around half-a-dozen schools had resumed classes yesterday. However, classes were stopped today, said Mayor Yogendra Prasad Chaudhary. “Schools resumed classes, but the classes could not continue for more than a day as more coronavirus cases were reported in the area,” added Mayor Chaudhary.

In Kankapati, Shree Basic School Headteacher Mohammad Asgar Miya said they had resumed school abiding by safety measures prescribed by the government. “But, a joint meeting of head teachers and members from the municipality decided to shut schools as the COVID risk was still high,” said Head teacher Miya. According to him, only 14 students out of 275 attended yesterday’s class.

There are 513 community and 177 private schools in Saptari. A total of 135,335 students are studying in schools, including private ones, in the district. District Education and Coordination Unit Saptari Chief Phadindra Khatri said his office had permitted schools to resume classes abiding by the school opening directives sent by the government.

Following the directives, schools in Rajbiraj Kanchanrup, Surunga and Khadak Municipality, and Rupani Rural Municipality and Bishnupur Rural Municipality have decided to resume classes after holding meetings with parents and local level officials.