Schools resume amid COVID


Schools have resumed in Kavre amid the risk of coronavirus infection.

In Panchkhal Municipality and Temal and Roshi rural municipalities, all private and community schools have started running classes from this week.

In case of Panchkhal Municipality, classes resumed y adopting safety measures after the municipality provided health safety items to teachers and students.

“It’s already been six months that we’ve closed schools; we decided to resume classes following discussion with stakeholders after the municipality’s education committee floated a school operation procedure,” said Principal Laxmi Deuja of Gomadevi Primary School of ward 4, Panchkhal.

Principal Ramhari Sapkota of Indreni Bidhya Mandir said classes had resumed with safety measures in place. “To ensure safety of students, we’re running classes in three shifts by keeping only 10 sets of desks and benches in each class,” he informed.

Panchkhal Municipality Mayor Mahesh Kharel said he was learning about the problems schools were facing in running classes in this situation.

In Temal Rural Municipality also, classes are run in three shifts. “We resumed classes after disinfecting the school premises and managing necessary health materials,” said Principal Kuwangchhu Lama of Bhumeshwor Preliminary School of ward 7 of Temal.

According to him, all 41 schools in the local level have now resumed classes.

In Roshi Rural Municipality, classes are being run in one to three shifts. While schools with less than 30 students are running classes in a single shift, those with students’ number between 50 and 75 are operating in two shifts and those with 75 or more students are operating in three shifts.

So far, 615 persons have contracted COVID-19 in the district. While six of the infected persons have succumbed to the disease, 406 have recovered and returned home following treatment and another 203 infected persons are in isolation, either at home or in hospitals.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on September 30, 2020, of The Himalayan Times.