Schools shut after teachers’ abduction

Himalayan News Service

Narayangarh, June 12:

Following the abduction of teachers from all the schools of Devghat VDC on Friday, the managements here have decided to close the schools for indefinite period. The locals knew about the incident after a local FM station broa-dcast the news. Locals in Devghat said over five-dozen teachers of 13 primary and lower secondary schools, one secondary school and two Sanskrit schools of Devghat VDC have been abducted. No one knows for sure where the teachers have been taken to. Unconfirmed sources said the Maoists have abducted the teachers to train them on Maoist education.

Bijaya Kala Ghimire of Bajrayogini had gone to school on Friday with her 11-year-old son. The son could relay only the information that her mother has gone for a meeting. Bishnu Maya, the wife of a principal Dirgha Nath Chapagain, said, "All the students returned but he did not."

Witnesses said Maoists also abducted all ward chairmen and the health post in charge. They added none of the abducted were students. Narayan Prasad Ghimire, the principal of Ved Vedang Bidhyashram, said after the abduction of three of its teachers, the school has announced early summer vacation from Friday.