Jhapa, May 5

Scientific Forest Management Programme has been introduced in four community forests in Jhapa.

According to the District Forest Office, the programme has been introduced in Kalika Community Forest of Dhaijan (200 hectares), Chandragadhi Community Forest of Charali (430 hectares), Hariyali Community Forest of Charali (147 hectares) and Hatemalo Community Forest of Mechi Nagar (391 hectares) of Jhapa.

“As per the programme, works have already started in line with the 80-year master plan in community forests spread in over 1164 hectares,” said Assistant Forest Officer Devendra Upreti, adding, “As per the master plan, each community forest has been divided into eight blocks, which are again divided into 10 compartments and sub-compartments.”While each community forest will be surrounded by a ring road along, roads will be built in each block. Besides, other infrastructures will be developed as per the action plan in order to conserve the forests and control smuggling of timber and wildfires.

As envisioned, scientific forest management will allow for harvesting of forest resources every 10 years. Upon the completion of the 80 years’ master plan, trees in blocks created now will be fit for use as timber. “The programme is practical as it also allows for the cutting of trees, which will further be used for various purposes,” said Upreti.

On the one hand, it will help protect species on the verge of extinction, while on the other it will reduce our dependence on other countries for timber.