Scrub typhus, dengue cases reported in Chitwan district


Even as the district is under the grip of COVID-19 infection, cases of scrub typhus and dengue have also been reported in Chiwan of late.

As many as 69 scrub typhus patients and 24 dengue patients have been detected in the district in the past two months.

According to Bharatpur Hospital Information Officer Liladhar Poudel, 660 samples were tested for scrub typhus and dengue at the hospital in months of Shrawan and Bhadra (July/August and August/ September) of the lunar calendar.

“Out of 345 samples, 69 persons tested positive for scrub typhus and 24 out of 315 were diagnosed with dengue,” said Poudel.

Scrub typhus is caused by a bacteria, which is transmitted by a tick found on mice. The disease is said to be commonly seen in summer and rainy seasons. Once bitten by the vector, the person infected by the bacteria starts showing symptoms of the disease from five to 20 days. Symptoms of the disease include high fever, jaundice and stomach ache. Dengue is caused by the bite of female aedes mosquito, and a patient bitten by the mosquito develops high fever, and rashes all over the body.