Search for man-eating leopard on

Damauli, December 7

A team of security personnel has been searching for the man-eating leopard for the last five days, but they have not been to make any headway so far.

The leopard had killed two people in Bhanu Municipality in the last few weeks in Tanahun.  The team of security personnel launched search operation five days ago, but to no avail. According to Tanahun Chief District Officer Bharat Kumar Sharma, more than 70 security personnel, including forest guards and a team from Chitwan National Park are involved in the search operation.

“CCTV cameras have been installed and traps have been set up at different places to catch the wild beast,” Sharma added.

Locals have started clearing bushes in the forest in bid to catch the man-eating animal. DAO has asked the security personnel to catch the beast alive. “However, they can use guns if the leopard attacks them,” Sharma said.

The leopard had killed one person at the same place last year too.