Second 'Janajati' festival to be held in Lamjung

LAMJUNG: Second indigenous cultural and tourism festival is to be held in Lamjung district.

The Aadibasi-Janajati cultural and tourism festival is to be held with the slogan, “Ethnic culture, language and civilisation our identity; tourism for unity, equal rights and economic prosperity”. The festival has been scheduled from March 6 to March 15.

According to the chairperson of District Coordination Council of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), Harijung Tamang, the festival has been organised to politically, economically and socially empower the nine indigenous communities in the district, and moreover, to promote the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign.

The construction of a cultural museum, upgradation of the NEFIN building, helping persons with a disability, senior citizens, and those living without proper shelters are the prime motives of the festival, added Tamang.

Education, science and agriculture exhibitions, entertainment programmes featuring local and national artists, cultural competitions will be the major attractions of the fare. There will also be programmes dedicated to children and a children’s park.

The festival aims at marketing locally made tools along wi costumes, books, musical instruments, and handicraft.

Rafting, as an adventure sport, has also been arranged for enthusiasts.

Around 200,000 tourists and transactions worth Rs 20 million have been expected in the festival, informed the organisers.