SEE invigilators helping students cheat in exams

Jajarkot, March 17

Caught in an act of professional misconduct, many invigilators assigned to oversee the Secondary Education Examinations, have been found guilty of promoting cheating within the examination halls.

Students at the exam centres in Jajarkot alleged that some invigilators were giving out answers to students during the exam. “An invigilator even let students copy from each other,” alleged a student.

One student observed that an invigilator warned the students to hide their textbooks and notebooks when a monitoring team, comprising the superintendent, journalists and other government officials, reached the exam centre.

A similar incident happened yesterday when Chief District Officer Lalit Bikram Singh, who led a monitoring team, went to the Jagatipur exam centre. When Singh entered the exam centre and ordered the examinees to hand over their notebooks or textbooks, they turned over such materials, said a student at the Jagatipur centre.