Security personnel misbehaving with drivers on Bhimdatta Highway

Dadeldhura, December 21

Security personnel deployed at various check points to inspect vehicles have been charged with misbehaving with drivers along the Bhimdatta Highway that connects Dadeldhura and Kailali.

The road section records the highest number of accidents in the far-west region. For this reason, check points have been established at various places to control fatal accidents along Kailali’s Attariya to Dadeldhura’s Syaulebazaar.

The drivers complained that they were slapped fines if they stopped their vehicles a few metres away from the said point. Besides they said the security personnel use offensive language.

They said such behaviour amounted to mental torturey. There are seven check points along the 121-km highway.

Passengers said Nepal police and Traffic police tortured the drivers over petty things.

Driver Ranjit Sijapati said security checking was good, but extorting money in the name of checking and torture were illegal.

“The situation is already harsh as we have wait in queue day and night to procure fuel, which otherwise we have to purchase in the black-market to operate vehicles. Police high-handedness has added to our plight,” regretted Sijapati.

Santosh Khadka, chairperson of Ugratara Transport Entrepreneurs Committee, said police misbehaviour of drivers was giving mental stress. “Instead of seven check points along the short route, it is better to set up three check points and monitor strictly,” he demanded.

Meanwhile, far-west regional police office Dipayal Chief DIG Madhav Nepal pledged to take necessary information about irregularities at the check points and bring reforms. “Security checking will be strict and stringent action will be taken in case of misbehaviour,” said DIG Nepal.