Seminar on Astronomy and Space Science kicks off

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Monday inaugurated a three-day seminar on Astronomy and Space Science in Kathmandu.

More than 100 science students from various levels are taking part in the seminar.

Organised by the BP Koirala Memorial Planetarium Observatory and Science Museum Development Board, the seminar aims at facilitate on the research and studies carried out in the subject by the local community and the Government of Nepal.

It has been learnt that the BP Koirala Memorial Planetarium Observatory (BPMPO) has already started working on a highly ambitious mission in sending a rocket from Nepal to moon.

A national observatory has already been set up in Nagarkot and efforts towards this end were underway, according to the BPMPO.

On the occasion, PM Oli pointed out the need for Nepal to create its own niche in space mission. Oli reiterated that the government was committed to developing and promoting astronomy and space science in the country.

According to the Prime Minister, he was too excited to visit the National Observatory at Nagarkot which offers a scientific observance and study on moon and constellations.

Similarly, Deputy Executive Director of the BPMPO Prof Sanat Kumar Sharma expressed confidence that the observatory was capable of sending rocket to the moon provided the government was keen to invest Rs 1 billion for the mission.

Likewise, Prof Dr Udayaraj Khanal urged the government to invest in research and study of the astronomy and space science, arguing that the study of space and its exploration is very important in unraveling universal mysteries.