Senior citizen faces locals’ ‘witch’ ire

BIRATNAGAR: Somanidevi Sardar, accused of witchcraft was thrashed by the neighbours three days ago. Neighbours had thrashed her and given her human excreta for they claimed that she was responsible for ill health of Paltidevi Khawas.

Mentally disturbed, Sardar is undergoing treatment at Koshi Zonal hospital. Son of the victim, Dev Sardar said,’’ The neighbours thrashed my mother accusing her of practicing witchcraft.’’ Her upper tooth is broken in the attack. “Most of the villagers were involved in the attack. Dev complained,’’ The victim’s family has lodged a case against Multidevi Khawas, her husband Mangal Lal Khawas, son Baidhyanath Khawas other perpetrators at the District Police Office, Morang. Police however, released the accused shortly after detention. Sub Inspector at the DPO, Jamuna Basnet informed that the police was seeking agreement among the two parties.