Senior doctors likely to quit BPKIHS

Sunsari, June 12

Senior doctors at Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences are planning to leave BPKIHS, citing lack of conducive environment to work.

They said that they had been working at the health facility  mainly for teaching and research purposes despite the less facilities  they availed of than a private hospital.

Doctors said the problem surfaced after Vice Chancellor Raj Kumar Rauniyar began to shield near and dear ones instead of giving chance to senior and capable doctors.

A senior doctor said that the working environment had started deteriorating after the VC appointed junior doctors as chiefs of different departments. “Senior doctors will not work under juniors. Good and senior doctors are preparing to quit the BPKIHS,” a doctor said. Urology Expert Dr Sudhir Singh, Neurologist Dr Gunaraj Paudel, Cardiologist Dr Prashant Shah and Dr Pashupati Chaudhary are pondering over  leaving the health facility, according to a source.

Discontent had mounted ever since Dr Rauniyar was appointed  VC at the institute. Rauniyar was removed from the post of Radiology Department chief by former Health Minister Gagan Thapa for failing to operate the department and also for non-cooperation on the part of the hospital management.