Birgunj, June 9

Service seekers have been bearing the brunt due to the absence of staffers at Pokhariya Municipality in Parsa.

“Most of the days, they do not report to office on the pretext that they are on field visit. This has left the service seekers in a lurch,” regretted Noorhoda Ansari of Pokhariya- 5.

He complained that he could not meet the concerned official though he had frequented the office for the past four days for a recommendation for citizenship certificate.

It is said that staffers remain busy in the field for observation of infrastructural development activities as the fiscal year is about to end. “Soon after Pokhariya was declared a municipality, the tendency to stay away from work on the pretext of field visit has increased, according to Ansari.

Safi Ahamad of Birgunj Sub-metropolis complained that his attempts to meet the concerned official to survey his land in Pokhariya municipality were in vain though he had visited the office for five consecutive days.

“I tried to contact them on their mobile, they do not receive calls. Though there are 13 staffers, not more then two or three report to the office on a daily basis,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, Executive Office of the municipality Ram Babu Chaurasiya said he was disappointed with the deceptive nature of his staffers. “We have not been able to deliver timely and quality services due to the negligence of a few staffers.

I think, I cannot handle them efficiently. Hence, necessary help has to be sought from higher authority,” he said.