Settlement of landless squatters at landslide risk in Parbat

PARBAT: An entire settlement of landless squatters at Maldhunga of Pang in Parbat district has been at a risk due to landslides.

Landslips from the Nuwar hill, which had developed deep fissures during the recent earthquake, has entered the landless squatters' settlement on the bank of Kaligandaki River at Maldhunga.

The village is home to over 100 families and of them, 60 families have been already displaced.

Landless squatters who are eking out living by filtering sand and rearing pigs on the Kaligandaki river bank have now become homeless following the landslide, said a local Sukalal Pariyar.

Besides, the Maldhunga-Beni road, the sole route linking Myagdi and Mustang to the national road network, has been blocked by the mudslide.

Chief of District Soil Conservation Office, Ramesh Baral, said the landslide from the Nuwar hill is beyond control due to its geographical position and the human settlement falling under risk be evacuated soon.

Parbat's Chief District Officer Rhishiram Tiwari said they are effortful to shift the human settlement to a safer location.