Sharp drop in viral patients visiting health institutes in Baitadi

BAITADI: The number of patients visiting the health institutes for viral fever here in Baditadi has decreased.

There has been a dramatic drop in the number of patients visiting the district hospital, Patan Primary Health Centre and Melauli Primary Health Centre among other health institutes.

Until the end of August, the district hospital had recorded around 100 patients visiting per day which has now dropped to 50 to 60.

Meanwhile, the Puchaudi Municipality has also recorded a sharp decrease in number of viral fever patients.

Haat Health Post In charge Binod Kumar Kunwar said, around 10 to 20 patients visit the health post on any given day whereas the number used to hover around 60 per day two weeks ago. But the viral patients are increasing in Dogdakedar Rural Municipality.

The viral patients must drink a lot of water, take rest, eat liquid food products and focus on hygiene, according to health workers.