Shelter, water concerns of Bajura Dalits

Bajura, November 23

Thirty-five Dalit households of Badimalika Municipality in Bajura have decided to cast their votes for candidates who assure them safe shelter and drinking water facility.

The Dalit settlement in the municipality is said to be at high risk of landslides during monsoon. The settlement is also reeling under acute shortage of drinking water. Most of the people of the settlement still work as haliyas even though the government had abolished the haliya system years back.

Dalits had told stories of their plight to the candidates of political parties during elections earlier, but nothing happened once the polls got over. They complained that no candidate came to their village after winning elections.

“Candidates come to our village and make tall promises to lure voters, but they don’t return to the village once elections are over,” said Juna Sunar. She added that Dalits would vote for those candidates who would work for them.There are 130 voters in the settlement.