Deuba condemns left alliance

Dadeldhura/Dhangadi, November 16

Nepali Congress President and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba criticised the leftist alliance of the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre, calling it as an undemocratic tie-up.

Addressing an election meeting in Baghkhor in his home district Dadeldhura today, the NC chief said the democratic alliance was indispensable for development and constitution implementation. “Since communism is a one-party regime, people will have to live in fear all the time and won’t get to express themselves, be it in speech or writing, should the leftists come to power,” he observed.

The PM claimed the country would see the end of unemployment with construction of the Pancheshwor project and West Seti hydropower project. “As process of building concrete bridges along the border with India has been initiated, it will facilitate contact with the neighbouring country easily,” he said.

At a different programme, Deuba said at a press conference organised by Press Union Kailali, that he was the undisputed prime ministerial candidate from the province for the next government. “The leftist alliance may keep whistling but NC will win the upcoming elections with majority from this province and the entire country,” he said.

“Let them (leftist alliance leaders) say what they like, I am the prime minister of the post-election government,” he said, citing a soothsayer’s prediction that he was destined to become prime minister seven times. “Others, if elected, will be ministers, at the most, but in my case, it’s the prime ministerial post,” he said, calling on voters to use their franchise without any fear. “The government has managed effective security, so I hereby urge the people to cast their vote without any apprehension,” he said.