POKHARA: Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba said all political parties should move forward for the local elections as its date had already been announced.

Addressing the parties's Pokhara Municipal Assembly in Pokhara, Kaski on Thursday, Deuba said that political parties should make sincere efforts through talks to bring Madhesi parties on board the consensus for the polls.

He, however, maintained that there was no meaning of elections without Madhesi parties' participation.

The NC President reiterated that the elections were necessary for the Constitution's implementation.

Meanwhile, Deuba also expressed his grief over the death of four people during a riot in Saptari on Monday.

Claiming different changes in the country were results of Nepali Congress's initiative, Deuba appealed to the party cadres and leaders to be united for the party's success in the coming elections.

He further said that as local elections would show a direction to other elections, it was necessary for the NC to be at the front.

In a different context, the former Prime Minister claimed that the NC had been contributing to the development of the Lake City.