Sherpa widows scale Mt Everest to inspire single women

KATHMANDU: The widows of two Sherpa climbers, who died on Mt Everest, today successfully stood atop the roof of the world, the expedition organiser said.

“Furdiki Sherpa and Nima Doma Sherpa reached the summit point of Mt Everest at around 5:25 am,” Gyanendra Shrestha, a liaison officer at the Everest base camp, said.

The two widows were on a mission to finish their husbands' work and inspire other single women by climbing Mt Everest, Shrestha shared.

Furdiki, 42, lost her husband to Mt Everest when he was fixing ropes along the climbing route in 2013 while Nima Doma, 36, lost the only bread earner of her family when he swept to his death with 15 other Sherpa guides in a deadly avalanche that struck the icefall section of Mt Everest in 2014.

Before heading to the Everest bid under ’Two Widow Expedition’ handled by Angs Himalayan Adventure, they successfully climbed Island Peak and Chulu Far East Peak in November. Renowned mountaineer Ang Tshering Lama guided the duo to the top of the mountain, Shrestha said, adding that the climbers have now descended to the lower camps.