SHIVAPURI CASE: A growing pointer to human remains

Kathmandu, November 26:

The National Human Rights Commission today said that it had found ‘positive indications’ of human remains in a suspected site in Shivapuri National Park.

The NHRC reached to the conclusion after analysing the report submitted by Finish experts, regarding the suspicious killing and dumping of 49 Maoists cadres in the Shivapuri area. The Maoists cadres were disappeared from the Bhairav Nath Barrack of Nepal Army some five years before.

The commissioners of the constitutional body also decided to invite Finnish experts — Helena Ratna, professor, University of Helsinki and Rekka Saukko, professor, University of Turku — to continue with the investigation.

“We decided to invite them because, after studying the report, we concluded that we should continue with the investigation,” NHRC commissioner and spokesperson Gauri Pradhan told this daily today. Pradhan also said that they would consult national experts to publicise the report and carry out further investigation if the Finnish experts could not come here. “We need to consult them before taking any decision because the report is full of scientific texts,” Pradhan said.

The NHRC took almost eight months to conclude that the sample had human remains.

The experts tested 15 different objects — coal-like black objects, black soil, plastic and rubber

-like materials and all other collected objects, including pieces of woods and clothes — in a top laboratory in Finland.

The NHRC has decided to publicise the report after undergoing scientific analysis.

It had forwarded objects collected in the suspected site to the Finnish lab on February 15, after national and international experts expressed divided views on the existence of human remains.