Shutdown affects life in eastern districts

ILLAM: Normal life has been affected in nine eastern districts of the country including Ilam due to a shutdown.

The shutdown has been enforced by Rastriya Janamukti Party, Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal, Limbuwan National Revolutionary Party and Kochila Unity Front in protest of failure of the constitution to empower ethnic groups, classes, genders and communities with the rights.

Issuing a press release, the Limbuwan Janata Party Nepal, Khambuwan Mukti Morcha Sanghiyabadi, Federal Khambuwan Loktantrik Party among others had expressed solidarity for the agitation. They have also demanded that Province 1 be named Kirant-Limbuwan-Khambuwan for which they put forth an appeal issued by the agitating parties.

Vehicular movement and educational institutions in these districts have been adversely affected due to the shutdown.