Gorkha Brewery Pvt Ltd in association with Singapore based Tamasek Foundation International has extended support to Nepal Government to manage the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Gorkha Brewery had joined hands with Singapore based TFI, MiRXES Pvt Ltd and Lotus Life Foundation, to provide emergency medical supplies worth more than 200 million Rupees to Nepal to support its fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Relief materials including PCR kits, pulse oximeters, RNA extraction machines and kits, as well as 30 units of tele-ventilators and 6 units of ventilators, among other equipment were received by Senior Officials of Ministry of Health and Population at Tribhuvan International Airport, stated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also present at TIA.

With foreign aid pouring in for Nepal as it grapples with a raging second wave of the pandemic, the Government of Nepal in a press release, thanked the foundation and other various collaborators for their support.