Sitaula draws flak from MPs for India visit

Kathmandu, July 25:

Members of Parliament (MPs) today criticised Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula for giving more attention to his personal work at a time when the country is facing hardships “due to the deteriorating law and order situation.”

“Isn’t this a matter of concern that the country’s home minister takes out time to visit his guru in India for blessings when the country is in flames?” Birodh Khatiwada told the House during zero hour.

“The Madhesh is in flames and the Home Minister is taking time out to visit his guru in India,” Bansidhar Misra said. Dr Prakash Saran Mahat asked Sitaula to persuade and encourage the police force to perform their duties more effectively. Mahat said Sitaula should work like a “full-time” home minister and improve the law and order situation. Jaganath Khatiwada urged the government to immediately ratify the Rome Statute.