Sixth plenary of FNJ held in Nawalparasi

Kathmandu, December 13

The sixth plenary of the central committee of Federation of Nepali Journalists concluded with major decisions on six critical issues of journalists and media business yesterday.

The meeting held at Amaltari of Nawalparasi mainly dwelt on physical security and freedom of journalists, formation of FNJ, working journalists, media promotion and professional development of media, efficiency enhancement of journalists, and career development and awards.

Regarding the physical security and freedom of journalists, the the umbrella organisation of Nepali journalists has decided to launch a Tarai/Madhes-centred special campaign ‘Journalist Security for Free Press, Professional Journalism With Social Justice’, keeping in mind the agitation under way in the southern plains.

“The FNJ will press the government to come up with a special programme to work for the relief and recovery of journalists and media houses,” it said.