Snakebite cases up with rising temperature

Rajbiraj, September 7

With the recent rise in temperature, snakebite cases have increased in Saptari of late.

A girl died in Arnaha VDC in the district today. A poisonous snake bit Ram Kumari Chaudhary, 15, of the VDC while she was watching TV in her home, today morning.

The critically injured Chaudhary was immediately rushed to Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital in Rajbiraj for treatment. Police said that Chaudhary was referred to Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health of Sciences after her condition deteriorated at the zonal hospital.

However, the unconscious girl died while being transferred to BPKIHS, said police.

It is said that as many as six persons, including Chaudhary, lost their lives while 107 were injured due to snakebites in the past two months in Saptari.

Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital sources said that one to six snakebite patients were able to reach the hospital for timely treatment on a daily basis. Sources added that as many as 57 such patients have received treatment in three weeks.

Similarly, at Kanchanpur VDC-based Health Post, one to three snakebite patients come for  treatment every day.

Doctors report that people, who live in mud houses or near forested areas are at high risk.